"We look to create a relationship built on trust and openess with our customers whereby the solution is totally open book"

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מלרון ספנות מרחיבה פעילות


החברה חתמה לאחרונה על הסכמים עם בעלי אוניות נוספים לשם הרחבת השירות בקו ישראל – תורכיה. החברה גייסה כוח אדם חדש ועברה לאחרונה למשרדים חדשים - קרא עוד


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Over the years A.S Melron has successfully developed a variety of services offering various solutions within the supply chain to and from Israel.

Today we are proud of the reputation we have created as a company of quality and integrity. We work to ensure that our principals and customers get the best service.

We prize ourselves on quick communication and correct information.

Our objective is keeping a company discipline that maintains a level of service that is unbeatable.

Thank you for your visit and we look forward to your contact.

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